Guitars 4 Missions
Guitars 4 Missions 
Guitar Class in the Uraine with Refurbished Guitars!

Here are guitars being put into action with a youth guitar class in the Ukraine

Here is the latest guitar that was sent to Daniel, - a missionary in Romania.

This is an Alvarez Guitar that went to a young student in Arkansas who wants to learn how to play guitar.

This guitar went to Pamama on a mission trip and was left there with a local church that is growing.

Here is an Epiphone guitar that I sent to the Philippines to find a home with a local church that has been planted.

This is an Alvarez that is going to Zambia (Africa) to be used to teach music to orphans.

This Fender guitar has a new home in the country of Panama with a local church.

This black Fender guitar was placed with Cynthia, a missionary in Haiti.

This is a Sargeant in the military who was injured in the line of duty.  Here is is enjoying his new acoustic guitar.

Check out this guitar ministry in Zambia, Africa.  One of my guitars is in there somewhere!

The students in Zambia are hard at work learning to play their guitars.  Kudos to the missionary, Benjamin Wright, who helped make this happen.

Here is a guitar that is being put to good use by a mission worker in Uganda, Africa.

This guitar is being given to a church in Cuba

This guitar is at its new home in Ethiopia


Guitars Benefiting:


  • Missionaries
  • Church music ministers
  • Youth Pastors
  • US Soldiers
  • Churches
  • Students