Guitars 4 Missions
Guitars 4 Missions 

Guitar Repair

This guitar had braces from the soundboard that were completely off and some loose ones (see crossbrace hanging through soundhole opening).  The neck repair picture is below.

This guitar's headstock was broken off and lost, so I had to create a completely new one from scratch.  The darker wood is Mahogany.

This Dean Exotica guitar was placed with a missionary who works in Mexico.  Headstock fabricated from scratch is as good as new.

This guitar was sent to Panama on a mission trip in May 2014.

This is the guitar going to Zambia on a mission trip.  It had a broken off neck that was dangling by the fretboard. Even though you can see the repair, the finish is smooth and you cannot feel it when playing.  Sorry I forgot to take a before picture.

This is one of the worst neck breaks (at the body and above the heel) that I have seen

Here is the break glued up and clamped.  After drying for 24 hours, I strung up the guitar, adjusted the saddle height and nut and it played good as new.

Guitars Benefiting:


  • Missionaries
  • Church music ministers
  • Youth Pastors
  • US Soldiers
  • Churches
  • Students