Guitars 4 Missions
Guitars 4 Missions 

About Me

I had been building acoustic (and electric) guitars for myself for several years, when I heard some missionaries from Ukraine speak at my church.  They explained that one of the ways they wanted to reach younger people was through guitar lessons, but they had no guitars.  It is funny how God works, because that same night I saw four broken guitars for sale on E-bay being sold as a group.  I figured, "If I can build them, why not fix them as well?"  I sent those guitars to Ukraine, which are now being used to help bring college age students to Christ.  I feel compelled to use this talent to help others which is why I created this website.  I have now sent guitars to many countries all over the world.  Contact me if you have a similar need.

Guitars Benefiting:


  • Missionaries
  • Church music ministers
  • Youth Pastors
  • US Soldiers
  • Churches
  • Students